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First Class Weddings, Inc.

DIY Wedding Planning that saves you time and money!
FC Weddings purpose and complete focus lately has been developing unique processes that revolutionize the way couples save money while revealing trade secrets in order to plan their own wedding like a pro. The DIY Wedding Planning division is a new, fresh and genuinely real offering. Signing up for our free newsletter reveals insider secrets with exclusive free-bees, trade secrets, expert advice, no bull shit cheat sheets, fun articles and quizzes on the art of love… and more!In addition to being a superlative Maui Wedding Planner, the DIY Wedding Planning division is made up of 3 other modules designed specifically with the objective of assisting Couples how to be a successful DIY Wedding Planner while saving them money in the process. Here’s a quick rundown of the 3 modules that you’ll see and the contribution they’ll make on your wedding.

1. These days everyone is always looking for the best deal, retailers are posting coupons and 2 for 1 offers and the recession has taken retailers by a storm. The Wedding Perk program is a brand new way for couples to save money while helping the industry to rebuild. Couples can now transform the way they shop with our trusted affiliates and start saving money on their wedding products and services by purchasing an exclusive Wedding Perks card and shopping on that website today!

2. The FC Seal is a brand new way for brides to immediately identify who the over-exceptional wedding vendors are. Strategically thinking, this is a way you can hire an integrity driven business that does more than just take the clients money. The FC Seal is a mark of distinction that shows that these vendors truly care about your clients, have sound mission and philosophy statements, gives back to their community, is ethically driven, genuine hearted, compassionate people… FC Weddings guarantees all products and services that carry this mark so ask for it today.

3. FC Wedding Vendors is a tribe of like minded professionals that are eager to show you that they warrant receiving your hard earned cash. We are bringing this network to you through our website, monthly newsletter, trade shows, and several unique processes. These days it’s important to know that your wedding vendor is more than just another hungry shark. FC Wedding Vendors carrying the FC Seal are truly exceptional enough to earn your trust. Get ready for the official launch of the FC wedding directory which is coming soon.

If our decades of experience in the industry has taught us anything, it’s that the “business of weddings” is not entirely about who the best is yet it’s also about who is integrity driven, community givers that carry the “people helping people” philosophy. The full package is what we have delivered for decades and is now what we are revealing it to you through our processes. If you care anything about giving back to the community and hiring exceptional people truly in the best interest of you then we invite you to work together with us and the unique processes that I’ve designed for you so together we can transform the way this industry does business while giving you the tools that you need to “Plan Your Dream Wedding” or consider us for your Hawaii wedding. I sincerely hope that you enjoy our new approach and invite you to reach out to us at anytime!

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FC Weddings is not just another wedding site – we are dedicated to building alliances, staying connected, and truly going above and beyond for our couples. FC Weddings bases all business practices on honesty, integrity, and transparency. We offer cutting edge tools, quality resources, and the latest information to help couples and wedding vendors to thrive. Join the FC Weddings community and like our page today as we continue to provide the best of weddings. And more!