We are glad to help worthy causes in our community by donating a large portion of the proceeds of The Source Card/TSC to your organization. The Source Card is a consumer driven discount card that is good for one year. The advantage for the consumer is that The Source Card eliminates the hassle of clipping coupons, placing them somewhere convenient, and trying to remember to use them before they expire. The Source Card is the ONLY SOURCE for annual savings. It’s ONE CARD that gives the cardholder discounts to over 100 participating merchants. Go to for a complete list of our business partners.


1. No up front cost for your organization.

2. Over 100 participating business partners.

3. Turn key fundraising, recieve personal fundraising tips, sales and inventory sheets.

4. Fundraising organizations that need to raise large amounts of money may receive personalized Source Cards. The Source Card may be sold for $25, however, the fundraising organization may sell The Source Card at $10, $15, $20, $25. The choice is yours to determine. The distribution of funds collected is 48% to your organization & 52% to The Source Card. This distibution may vary depending upon the amount of work the fundraising organization may request from The Source Card.

Fundraising with The Source Card works like this:

1. Your organization sells The Source Card for $25 per card. You receive up to 48% per card sold. The amount your organization receives depends upon the amount of time you request The Source Card to assist in the organization and implementation of your fundraiser.

2. There are no up front costs to get started. The Source Card will consign an agreed amount of Source Cards for your organization. Your organization shall pay for all Source Cards sold before receiving another set of cards. Any unsold Source Cards must be returned.

3. EXAMPLE: The Source Card (TSC). Your organization receives $12 & TSC receives $13.

A. 10 Volunteer Sellers. 10 x 5 TSC = 50 cards issued on a one time consignment

B. Sell 50 cards x $25 per card = $1250—Your organization receives $600 & TSC $650.

4. Purchases of The Source Card can be by:

A. Cash Examples of What Your Organization Can Raise

B. Checks made payable to your organization.

5. A weekly date will be set to reconcile sales.

6. Your organization shall record all sales and purchaser contact information. Inventory, sales and contact worksheets will be provided by TSC and shared with TSC.

Examples of What Your Organization Can Raise

200 Cards Sold = $2400

500 = $6000

750 = $9000

1000 = $12,000


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